Scald Facebook Social Plugins

Scald Facebook Social Plugins let's you create Atoms from social plugins such as like, share, feed, comments, activity, etc. Aim is to support the full list seen here:

The module is work in progress developed for a client and will be released as soon as there is some working code(soon).


DigiDoc download

DigiDoc files are XML containers of digitally signed files (see more: This module strips the container file
and presents the files from within the DigiDoc wrapper without the metadata. If there are more than one files a zip archive is created and presented. This is useful and sometimes even required for not disclosing the signers personal information inside the metadata to third parties.


CCK jQuery File Upload Widget

CCK jQuery file upload widget

This module extends file upload functionality with jQuery and allows users to choose a CCK jQuery file field widget to upload different types of multimedia files configurable through backend.

In the CCK file field setting, users can choose one of the 2 options below.

1. NodeJS
2. PHP File Upload

This module uses the background file upload functionality of the NodeJS library. It also uses the JQuery file upload plugin for smooth file uploading with progress bar indication.

oEmbed Provider embed code

This is a prototype/proof of concept module that will output the embed code for any files managed by media module.


This module requires the 7.x-1.x version of oEmbed Provider module, which is part of the oEmbed module


File entity PDF

This module creates a bridge between File Entity and PDF to Imagefield. It creates a file type 'PDF' with two dummy fields.

To make it work well depends on the patch in this issue.

This module should probably be rewritten without the hidden fields. We could use unmanaged files to hide a lot of the cruft I think. And just use pdf_to_imagefield as the API.


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