Views Zip

Provides a Views display that is a zip file.

Secure form

Secure form settings

This module will provide more security for your user input forms.

The secure form module restricts a file upload, if there is a mismatch between the MIME type and extension of the file. It also provides an option to set the auto-complete property to off in form fields. A privileged user can manage (enable/disable) both these options from configuration section.

This module is useful for the following cases.


Scald Video

Supply a new video provider for Scald module.

This is the JW Player that is used to play the video. This module is not defined as dependency because it will be possible later to use another video player.



Provides a content type, fields and services for uploading and managing images from Adobe Lightroom. It includes a plugin for Lightroom that allows collections to be published and synced to Drupal.


Field Encoding

This module make integration video with API, only upload video this module send the video render of encoding.


S3 Bucket

This module creates an entity for S3 bucket.


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