S3 Bucket

This module creates an entity for S3 bucket.

File Rules

The File Rules module provides File based actions, conditions and events for the Rules module, from copying files to finding and replacing a string in the contents of all files inside a specified directory.

Dropbox Download

We address the following requirements.

- Admin should be able to fill accountdetails of the destined Dropbox
- In the admin dropbox should be a folder called 'Drupal'
- In the Dropbox folder 'Drupal' the admin can add folders with names identical to a Drupal Role
- A block in Drupal should be able to present the files of the folder(s) based on the roles the person has
- Person should be able to view the listing and download any file from those folders, as long as there is a match in roles and folder name

Drag & Drop Upload


This module provides a Drag & Drop Upload element and widgets for a File and an Image fields.


  • Drag & Drop upload widget for a File and an Image fields.
  • Drag & Drop multi-upload support.
  • Media module integration (1.x): details
  • Video module integration: details
  • Upload progress bar support.
  • Browse button can be enabled if needed.
  • Provides drag & drop upload element (dragndrop_upload).
  • Flexible JS part of the module, that allows developers to define custom validators and previewers for a dropzone.
  • Makes it possible to turn any element into a dropzone (see Examples submodule).


Jenkins Viewer

Jenkins Viewer is a Drupal plugin that creates a token that will be replaced with a Jenkins build page, giving a list of builds as well as downloads for specific job.


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