Asset API

The asset API has for goal to provide some kind of abstraction layer for the file management.

It is not yet ready for production use

(but I'm working hard on it and try to do may best)

It is composed of a main module and some sub-modules (implementing handling of some file types like images, pdf, flv video, swf files, openoffice documents and archives).


Unique Avatar

Unique Avatar circumvents unwanted browser caching of user pictures by creating a unique filename each time the image is uploaded. When a user picture is uploaded, a 32-character unique id is appended to the the filename.

Unique Avatar also flushes any ImageCache caches of the existing user picture.

Funded by centre{source}


File Upload Progress Monitor

File Upload Progress Monitor

This module adds support to drupal to display the upload progress as a file is being uploaded. This will display on top of the current ajax uploadbar the message including %uploaded, upload speed and estimated time to upload.

If you are upgrading from an earlier release as of 22 feb - you can undo the patch to upload.js - the new release no longer depends on the patch.

the new release will also display progress information when the form is submitted at the bottom of the form if the form has file attachments.



MimeDetect provides an API for consistent server side mime detection using the PHP FileInfo extension, the UNIX 'file' command, user supplied mime data, or file extension lookups. It is distributed with its own magic library for use with the PHP FileInfo extension to make mime detection more consistent in different environments.


CCK Download Dropdown

Looking for co-maintainer. See message in issue queue.

This module adds the ability to place a single drop down selector and download button on a node. The drop down list is populated by links to attachments from a node that you specify. Selecting an attachment and pressing the download button will initiate a download of the selected file. Although multiple drop downs in a single field are not supported, you can add multiple fields, each with a drop down populated by different files. In this way you can link to as many nodes' files as you wish without taking up a lot of screen space.

USE CASE EXAMPLE: If you have categories of files and want to show them all on one page without a huge list like you get with the standard upload module, you can create a node for each category, use the upload module to attach those files, then use this module to create a field for each node you have created.

IMPORTANT!!! - You need to supply an icon, call it disk.png, and place it in this
module's folder. The one I use wasn't GPL-compatible so could not be included in this
release. The one I use looks like a floopy disk, but you could use anything.


Upload Package

Note from the security team: this module requires your webserver to be able to write Drupal modules. This is inherently insecure. Usage on live sites is strongly discouraged.



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