CalDAV Events

CalDAV reader & writer

React upon events and manage calendar information from a CalDAV server.


Mail verification

The Mail verification modules asks the user at his first login (or the next login
after the module was enabled) if his mail address is still correct.
This is very useful if the users on a website are imported and didn't register

Mandrill Subaccount

The Mandrill Subaccount module extends the Mandrill module by adding the ability to assign outgoing emails to a subaccount.


Notify Views Integration

This module is a tool for the Drupal 6 Notify module ( This is a small module that simply tells the Views module about the Notify database so you can create listings of users by notify subscription status for export or administration.

There is no administration. Simply create a view of type "User" and you'll see that under "Fields" and "Filters" there are additional options under the category "Notify."


Pay with a mail

Pay with a mail grands access to a node after the user provided an email address and clicked the confirmation link in the mail text.


This project provides integration of CakeMail within Drupal.



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