Scald Calameo

Scald: Calameo is a calameo provider allowing Scald module users to add Media Atoms of type calameo, using the Calameo API.

Image Width and Height formatter

This module provides

This module provide a formatter for image field. You can choose to display the width, the height or both of the image.

Use cases

I created this module when refactoring the OpenLayers Styles layer in the OpenLayers module.
This module and the module image URL formatter will now be needed if you want to display image as graphics for your markers.



A very simple file based photo gallery based on Colorbox.


Uses the popular picturefill pollyfill for images and file entities.

Generic colour

Generic Colour


Generic Colour is a Drupal 7 module using the Colors-Of-Image library

It monitors the image uploads and calculates the most popular generic colours. These are made available as HEX values to be referenced in views or programatically.

'Color of Image differes from many palette extracters as it works off a white list color palette.'

Zoetrope Viewer

Zoetrope Logo

The Zoetrope viewer module provides fields, field formatters and tokens for the Zoetrope viewer. It's made specifically to display photos from the Engage™ photography service from


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