TOC Node

Provides a Table Of Contents for a node, which includes all the content of a node.

The TOC will display automatically above content, and is also available as a block, so can be placed anywhere on a page.


Set defaults on a content type, each node will also have individual settings.

The TOC will appear at the top of the Content region automatically.

If you add the TOC block to the page the automatic TOC will not display.


Multipage jumplist

Multipage jumplist block instance

A block with direct links to Fieldgroup's Multipage pages.

This module extends the functionality of Fieldgroup's Multipage format type for entities by providing a block that allows you to access all multipages directly from a list.

By default you only have Previous page and Next page buttons to navigate with, but for large and complex forms this is may be too restrictive, say when you need to edit a minor detail on page 8 in a 12 page application form.

Goto Last Page

Goto Last Page defaults to the last page of comments (instead of the first one) for configurable node types.
This is useful if you have a lot of comments /maybe threaded) for a node and want the user to immediately show the most recent one.
It also allows adding a custom fragment (like #comments) to pager links, so the user will go straight to comments section while paging through comments.

Views Glossary

Views Glossary

Views glossary module provide following features,

1- A special kind of layout to glossary view(which is available by default with views) or any view, see in screenshot.
2- Providing pager with selectbox and textbox.
3-A default view is added for example.
4- Making items per pager independent of expose form submit.(A usability improvement).

Go to module configuration and enter view machine names separated by comma. See the layout on view.


AJAX Pagination

How many times have you been forced to use Views because it provides XYZ and writing that by hand would be painful? This module aims to ease some of that pain.


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