Feeds Expirator

Feeds Expirator is a simple module which allows you to expire entities created through Feeds module based on the date present in the source feed. It can be applied to any entity. It creates "Expiration date" target for you, so you don't need to add any additional fields to the entity (Feeds Expirator just adds one column to the feeds_items table). Purging of the expired items happens during cron run.



USAJobs listing block

The USAJobs module provides a block to display all opening jobs for a specific federal, state or local agency. Data source comes from Government Jobs API which is collecting across federal governments and includes all current openings posted on USAJobs.gov.

Installation and Configuration

Several steps are necessary to install and configure the USAJobs module:

Roost for Drupal

Roost Logo

Drive traffic to your website with Safari Mavericks push notifications and Roost.

Roost Web Push for Safari provides direct engagement with your readers by sending push notifications to their web browser or mobile device.

Push Plugin Features:


Module for SharedVue partners to pull content from SharedVue's syndicated showcase into pages on your site.

In order to use this module you will need to contact SharedVue and become a partner http://www.sharedvue.com/.

Their documentation provides raw PHP code allowing you to output this content. This module allows you to use their syndicated content without writing any code. It pulls the content into a a page at /sharedvue/[endpoint-name] and exposes a menu item.

This project is not affiliated with SharedVue in any way.


Mydex Adaptor

Enables Drupal site owners, and users of their site to push data into their Mydex PDS.

Distributed Content Networks

Distributed Content Networks is a project we're working on to allow sites to share content in a dispersed way.


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