User protect D8

Port of the User protect module to Drupal 8. Currently based on Drupal 8.0-alpha10.

See #2181393: User protect: Drupal 8 port.

UserVoice Integration

Custom Gadgets and Account Traits


This module provides deep integration with the UserVoice feedback and online help desk service for widget placement, single sign on authentication, custom gadgets, and more.

Maintenance and development is sponsored by UserVoice.


This module allows you to:



Supercookie configuration

This module sets a persistent, unique cookie and corresponding database session record within the specified expiration interval for every site visitor, regardless of their user agent (browser) settings. This module was created specifically to address the problem of tracking many anonymous users visiting a site from a single IP address (e.g. a school, corporate office, etc.)

From some marketeer out in the ether:


One time passwords

Allows users to create one-time passwords for logging in with their account. Useful when forced to login from an untrusted computer, connection or simply when giving out own credentials to a third party who shouldn't have permanent access.

The description and usecase will be further updated.

If you have any feedback, feel free to open an issue.

Social Login

Yet another module which lets user login using Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


This module was made for a client of the french compagny LINAGORA.

The SSO DAC module is a module allowing Drupal to use an SSO authentication with DAC (Discretionary access control).

The module read the SSO header and with the header informations search in the configured LDAP to retrieve users informations. The LDAP informations are then used to create or log the user.

Configuration information

For using the module properly, you need to configure it in admin/settings/sso_dac :


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