User protect D8

Port of the User protect module to Drupal 8. Currently based on Drupal 8.0-alpha10.

See #2181393: User protect: Drupal 8 port.

UserVoice Integration

Custom Gadgets and Account Traits


This module provides deep integration with the UserVoice feedback and online help desk service for widget placement, single sign on authentication, custom gadgets, and more.

Maintenance and development is sponsored by UserVoice.


This module allows you to:


Zoho LiveDesk


It’s time where communication with our customers have gone one step ahead in real time. Give your customers access to real-life agents who they connect instantly. Real names, real photos, real people, real easy. With Zoho LiveDesk you can instantly connect to your customers and deliver instant support.

Why LiveDesk?

In LiveDesk, you can customize the chat window color, text, logo, icons, input fields (Name, Email, contact number) and many more.

In the era of real-time communication and instant-everything, customers expect a prompt answer to their questions. With its neat web interface, Zoho LiveDesk allows agents to pick customer chat requests and help them to solve their problems instantly thorugh Live Chat.

You can easily create, configure and customize your LiveDesk within minutes, Embed the customizable chat widgets into your website and provide a personalized Support experience to your customers.


  • Chat Embed Customization
  • Support Customers from your Mobile Devices
  • Gaze into the future and see what your customers type as they type it and magically make custom solutions appear before they ever hit submit
  • Zoho LiveDesk Integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Support
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Advanced organizational features, which includes departments.
  • Chat transfer and Monitor
  • Categorized Canned Messages
  • IP Blocking
  • Agent roles
  • Business hour

Guzzle oAuth Accounts

Stores oAuth access tokens into the database and optionally attach them to an entity. Can work together with Guzzle oAuth Login Register.

Build on its friend Guzzle Oauth.

Single Role

One of the great features of Drupal is the ability to control how and what people can access on your site!

Are you SURE? What if you want to define a single role to your users and that too without any confusion of multiple check boxes selection.

This is the preview of the default user profile page of Drupal 7.x.

Multiple Role

This module helps you to get the single role select option for your users instead of the multiple.

Membership Entity Ubercart

Provides integration with Ubercart while using the Membership Entity module. Creates a new product class called "Membership Product" to keep membership products separate from normal products.


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