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FatSecret REST API Integration module

FatSecret: The Drupal 6 & 7 FatSecret REST API Integration module

This module allows you to integrate FatSecret API and to call all related API function of FatSecret.

This version of the module only works with Drupal 6.x & 7.x.

Block Visibility by Vocabulary

Block Visibility by Vocabulary extends the block visibility interface in Drupal 7 and allows the user to control block visibility based on the taxonomy vocabulary the current term page has. For each block, vocabularies can be selected. If the displayed term is ien one the the selected vocabularies, the block will be visible; if not, it will be hidden.

This module is inspired by block_term.


Screenshot of the fancyfiles view when logged with modification access

This project is a port of the old Fileshare project to Drupal 7.

Original module description:

The fileshare module is used to create pages that allow browsing, uploading, downloading and deleting of files from a fileshare directory that is created by Drupal and linked to the node.


Service State

Test and display the status off upstream services.


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