Date Timeslots

Integrates with FullCalendar to provide field widget for Date module.
User can select available time slots during creation of the entity.

Acquia Mobile Redirect

In the Acquia Cloud platform, you can redirect site visitors in the Varnish layer, based on the devices they are using, as determined by the user-agent HTTP header in the request. You can do this by using your web site's .htaccess file to set HTTP headers in the response.

However, when you configure Acquia Cloud to use PHP-FPM, the .htaccess file is no longer parsed and these redirects stop working. To get the redirect headers to output, you'll need to run some PHP code.


Haiku Learning

Integration for Haiku (

Development to this project is sponsored by LightSky

Content Type Categories

Provides a way to categorize and organize your content types on the Add Content (node/add) screen.

Scald Calameo

Scald: Calameo is a calameo provider allowing Scald module users to add Media Atoms of type calameo, using the Calameo API.


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