Disqus Inline

Disqus Inline allows website audience to put comment dynamically and attach to the specific sections (paragraph, usually, but not necessarily) of the page. These comments threads are created with the power of Disqus.

This module exists thanks to the generous support of Axelerant

File path


File path supply a form element with autocomplete for files and directory in a given path.


A proper use is when a distribution/module relay on a given path for a downloaded library and the user need to fill in the path.



This plugin allows developers to integrate Latch on his/her Drupal service. Latch is a service that lets end-users add an extra level of security to their online accounts and services.
With this version of the plugin, developers can pair and unpair users and check their latches status. For more information please visit https://latch.elevenpaths.com or the SDK page on GitHub; https://github.com/ElevenPaths/latch-plugin-drupal6


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