Celsius is a toy project to transform celsius to fahrenheit and reverse.

Blocks Placer

Allows for assignment of Bean blocks to a theme’s standard Drupal block regions, per page, with a user-friendly interface in the context of the node edit page.


Feeds File Grabber

Feeds File Grabber (FFG) based on feeds image grabber.


Supercookie configuration

This module sets a persistent, unique cookie and corresponding database session record within the specified expiration interval for every site visitor, regardless of their user agent (browser) settings. This module was created specifically to address the problem of tracking many anonymous users visiting a site from a single IP address (e.g. a school, corporate office, etc.)

From some marketeer out in the ether:


Configuration development

Functionality to help developers work with configuration in non-production environments.

By default, this module will write out config as yaml file to a 'config_devel' directory within your public files. Override this by setting:



This plugin allows developers to integrate Latch on his/her drupal service. Latch is a service that lets end-users add an extra level of security to their online accounts and services.
With this version of the plugin, developers can pair and unpair users and check their latches status. For more information please visit https://latch.elevenpaths.com or the plugin page on https://github.com/ElevenPaths/latch-plugin-drupal7


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