drush-vagrant 7.x-2.0-rc4

Release notes

Download Size md5 hash
drush-vagrant-7.x-2.0-rc4.tar.gz 44.03 KB 8d735f9e8f864424f292d4866a70b8f1
drush-vagrant-7.x-2.0-rc4.zip 72.38 KB cd85ace2505dc541b246f1761dbfb8ce
Last updated: April 12, 2014 - 13:39
Official release from tag: 

mixpanel 7.x-1.2

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.1:

  • #2239177: Wrong cookie name in hook_user_logout().
  • #2176277: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
  • Replaced drupal_add_html_head() with drupal_add_js() like Google Analytics does.
  • Remove TODO that I don't ever intend to do.
  • Replace == '' with empty().
  • Replace 'static' variable with drupal_static()
  • Replace '== NULL' with is_null()
Download Size md5 hash
mixpanel-7.x-1.2.tar.gz 17.23 KB 3aaea81d0cee14eb36e15a200c03b16f
mixpanel-7.x-1.2.zip 24.2 KB b6c1f41b157f0de24efe4cc8ac006a6b
Last updated: April 12, 2014 - 12:04
Official release from tag: 

l10n_update 7.x-1.0

Release notes

First stable release of the 7.x-1.x branch.

Known issues

  • Combinations of many modules, large translation files, a slow server and a slow internet connection can result in PHP timeout errors. (#569004). Use the 7.x-2.x branch instead.
  • Problems have been reported with installation profiles containing Localization Update module. These problems may be caused by the order in which modules are enabled.
Download Size md5 hash
l10n_update-7.x-1.0.tar.gz 43.19 KB 3376ef820bb2f422a8287e9a5b1f5d81
l10n_update-7.x-1.0.zip 52.29 KB ae5292e3bcc55dd2d0a258e904ff8136
Last updated: April 12, 2014 - 09:39
Official release from tag: 

webform 7.x-4.0-rc1

Release notes

This release of Webform gets ready for the 4.0 final release! We've fixed a bunch of bugs in this release.

Upgrading is recommended for all users of the 4.x branch.

A few new minor features

Download Size md5 hash
webform-7.x-4.0-rc1.tar.gz 184.15 KB f531bd82a3e8a218e8ba6b9418a272fe
webform-7.x-4.0-rc1.zip 224.99 KB 194af78ed50f82df1f31c7423498fb06
Last updated: April 12, 2014 - 06:49
Official release from tag: 

nexus 7.x-2.x-dev

Release notes

Validation wcag2-AAA
Step CSS to SASS and Compass
Improved HTML5 tags
3.1.1 bootstrap

Download Size md5 hash
nexus-7.x-2.x-dev.tar.gz 295.32 KB da4f3dabbe5c2e2afcc0b2895e68d138
nexus-7.x-2.x-dev.zip 328.78 KB ef036bb3933c5058eba4b4b17b674983
Last updated: April 16, 2014 - 08:24
Last packaged version: 7.x-2.x-dev
Nightly development snapshot from branch: 

entity_operations 7.x-1.5

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.4:

Download Size md5 hash
entity_operations-7.x-1.5.tar.gz 54.13 KB 437d43a869f791afa38f6aa03e027dad
entity_operations-7.x-1.5.zip 71.27 KB e67a59875b1eba1a066c4bddc874e41f
Last updated: April 11, 2014 - 21:09
Official release from tag: 


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