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IssueTranscoded videos not accessible when using private filesystem sepph231 hour 10 min ago
Issuevalidation of fields inside a field collection akamaus91 hour 10 min ago
IssueRemove cforge from drupalorg make files drumm11 hour 12 min ago
IssueFatal error when navigating to admin/settings/video/transcoders stripes8441 hour 12 min ago
IssueMark all simple wrappers in bootstrap.inc and common.inc as deprecated ianthomas_uk61 hour 12 min ago
Issuecustom webform-mail.tpl.php in my theme not taking effect GiorgosK101 hour 12 min ago
IssueWorkflow tab doesn't load in admin theme pcave131 hour 13 min ago
Issueinactive coupons generate wrong order totals on existing orders garbo11 hour 13 min ago
Book pageFlickr Block lolandese01 hour 14 min ago
IssuePublish a 7.x-1.x-dev branch btopro01 hour 14 min ago
IssuejPlayer integration bbinkovitz21 hour 14 min ago
IssueReorganization of "Drupal.org projects" section on d.o. Sheldon Rampton31 hour 15 min ago
IssueClassification by target users in project forms for distribution maintainers juan_g51 hour 15 min ago
IssueJumbotron cgove51 hour 15 min ago
IssueAjax requests are made on the wrong theme hbemtec121 hour 15 min ago
IssueHow to get metadata for a video in code (eg. showing video duration in node.tpl) burgs51 hour 16 min ago
Issueh5p_devel activate for D7 btopro01 hour 16 min ago
IssueProject pages should show more releases Liam Morland11 hour 16 min ago
IssueDisable https/SSL certificate on localhost Sakthi11 hour 16 min ago
IssueQuery request about active project contributor from Turkey. Kartagis121 hour 16 min ago
Releaserestaurant_octal 7.x-1.x-dev arshadcn01 hour 16 min ago
Releaseakamai 8.x-1.x-dev Barrett01 hour 16 min ago
Releasefate 7.x-1.x-dev DamienMcKenna01 hour 16 min ago
Releasecampaignion_dist 7.x-1.x-dev torotil01 hour 16 min ago
Releaserestaurant_base 7.x-1.x-dev arshadcn01 hour 16 min ago