The following is a list of organizations that indicate they provide Drupal training services.

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Magic Logix

Magic Logix provides onsite and offsite training to utilize a standardized and proven approach to learning Drupal. We work with professional developers who need to learn Drupal and with non-developers who want to learn how to build Drupal sites while utilizing the best practices and live demos.

Makina Corpus

A Drupal player since 2006, Makina Corpus provides training in every aspect of Drupal work: content creation, site building, module integration, development and theming.

Training sessions are conducted by active Drupal developers sharing their real-world experience, they can be organized either at Makina Corpus' or in a location choosen by the client.

Format is...


As Drupal works quite differently from other Content Management Systems on the market, there can be a learning curve to understand its true potential. Provided your development skills in PHP are of a suitable competency, fully understanding how Drupal works and how you can use it to its maximum potential can be done in an informal learning environment. Working with the Microserve...

Modules Unraveled offers premium training videos on contributed modules, and topics related to Drupal sitebuilding. There are videos on Organic Groups, Simplenews, Views, Search API and many more.

North Studio

North Studio provides both on-site and remote Drupal training for individuals and businesses of all levels, from newbies to seasoned developers. Through our Drupal workshops, custom training sessions and comprehensive 12-week web design training courses, you can learn what you want, when you want.

Our instructors are some of the best in their fields and have the hands-on...

NxtTeam, Inc.

Providing technical training to corporate, academic and civic employees since 1990, we train over 4,000 people per year in 14 locations across the country. Our professional web development instructors offer hands-on, comprehensive, Acquia-endorsed Drupal training including Site Building, Layout & Theming, Panels Workshop and Module Development.

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OlinData BV

As an official Acquia partner, we provide training in Europe as well as in Southeast Asia. Our trainings cover all of the trainings offered by Acquia, although we mostly focus on the Site Building and Theming trainings.


OpenSourcery is the the oldest and largest Acquia-approved Drupal training partner in the Pacific Northwest. We've been providing all-Drupal training for years. OpenSourcery provides the only guaranteed-to-run Acquia-approved training west of the Mississippi. In fact, we're one of only three companies worldwide to offer guaranteed-to-run Drupal training.

We offer a variety...


OSInet is a registered french training institution (Centre de Formation Professionnelle), specialized in Drupal and tangentially related technologies, including MongoDB, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.JS and other FLOSS tools.


We provide four types of Drupal training:

  1. Online Drupal Training: Learn Drupal with over 800 training sessions and expert help to answer all your questions.
  2. Classroom Drupal Training: Every year we teach over a hundred live classes across North...