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Teresa Langston
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Teresa Langston has been, at various times, a Systems Analyst, a Business Analyst, a Technical Writer, a Project Manager, a Client Representative, a Production Planner, a Web Designer and a Graphic Artist. The ability to wear many hats in very dynamic work environments over the years has produced a highly flexible, change aware individual who can take an idea from concept to working reality.

Teresa has acquired a broad skill base in web interface design and in facilitating discussion about business strategy in the internet space. She is a guide with excellent vision and intuition who has come to the realization that she is, by nature, an open source evangelista - both from a business "ROI" standpoint and a firm belief that the future of humankind will be modeled on the same ideas that open source development is modeled on; loosely self-organizing, collaborative, community-based, and driven by PEOPLE not the technology itself.

Her strength is working on projects that are in the planning stages, before a strategy is in place, where a unique balance of creative AND pragmatic technical expertise is of value. She is continually seeking projects that are pushing on the edges of technology in ways that provide value in the service of people and community.

She is an early adopter of new technologies and can help your business or community initiative navigate through the enormous web 2.0 space to find the right solutions that best fit your mission. She has expertise in Content Management Systems such as Plone, Drupal and SocialText and is a participating builder/scriptor in Second Life.
Net-Spin and Web 2+

In 2004, Teresa founded Net-Spin, Inc. as a web design and managed hosting solutions company. She serves both commercial and non-profit organizations, as well as some pretty amazing individuals. Working with a network of developers in a distributed work environment and partnering with a reliable and secure ISP, she is able to provide world class service and support for her clients. She specializes in using Open Source software to create dynamic content sites that invite participation. Internet, Extranet and Intranet sites integrate fluidly with the best tools available on the web. The following options are available as hosted solutions but can also be installed and configured on your own server.


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Not for Profit (NGO), Insurance, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Arts
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One Percent for the Planet, Seventh Generation, Vermont Council on Rural Development, American Sustainable Business Council, Vermont Commons


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