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I stumbled across Drupal one day when I was looking for a more modular solution than Moodle. Since that time, I experimented on my own & consumed all of the information I could to learn more about it's capabilities. However, my interest grew greatly after hearing Ray Saltini's Presentation at the NJ Drupal Camp on February 4th, 2012 at Princeton. Now my interest was piqued so I searched for other conferences I could attend. My search yielded the NYC Camp 2012 at Columbia where participated in the Media Summit led by Willy Karam. This led me to explore the deeper workings of Drupal. I would eventually like to contribute an installation profile, module, & theme to Drupal.

My mentors
rgs, willyk
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Themer, Site Builder
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Sophie Idromenos
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building themes, php html5 css, user interface development, responsive web design, ballroom dancing
United States
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I have a Bachelors in Art & a Masters in Computer Science, both with a specialization in computer graphics. Originally an art teacher, I became the lead technology teacher for dyslexic & autistic students, grades 1st -12th at a private school, all the while building a "state-of-the-art" technology curriculum rivaling that of public schools. Prior to this, I worked as a teaching/research assistant, and instructional technologist in a university. However, my knowledge extends beyond academia to the IT field, where I worked as a graphic/web designer/developer with an emphasis on user-interface design & user-experience.


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UI (User Interface) Engineer
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New York Media, LLC
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Publishing, Education


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2 years 2 months