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I am a Site Builder, and Developer. I am starting to do the theming work too.
I help in the Drupal support forums
I provide Drupal-related services
I will attend DrupalCon Austin 2014

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Abiyu Birhanu Tegegn
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playing around with php, biking, swimming
United States
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Growing up very poor taught me that hard work and thrift are sometimes the only things a person can afford.

I am from Ethiopia, i went to School in Ethiopia and graduated my undergrad BSc. in Computer Science, i had fun this time though :) !!

Then, moved to Turin, Italy for my MSc. study which I dropped out. well Italy is where to learn a lot of fun staff as well, i explored more in tech aspect and social life. I went hiking in "Montagna" in "Torino", I also had a great time with some PHP coders association in Turin, Italy.

Great!! :) You wanna know more about me? here we go write me an email or message via my linkedin.
Remember Social Networking is my priority.


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Drupal Developer
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AceInfoSolutions INC
Industries worked in
The Catholic University of America, USA, Jimma University, Ethiopia
Companies worked for
The Canton Group LLC.


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1 year 5 months
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