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Hanns-Oskar Porr
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English; German
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I'm a Drupal Consultant/Freelancer with over 20 years experience in IT. I work as a developer on distributed teams for some of the best and largest Drupal agencies in the world: "Drupal Connect" in the US, Cocomore (Germany), Bright Solution (Germany), as well as others.

In my past I worked with the Walt Disney Animation Studios and Marriott, using Java J2EE and C/C++. I also wrote a couple of books.

As far as Drupal, I'm a very good module and site developer, doing coding, configurations and theming. Obviously this includes PHP as well as Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, Git, SVN, and so on. I am well familiar with all the big (and smaller) Drupal modules, such as features, display suite, panels, views, context, and many more...

When I write software, I don't "hack" code but rather engineer and architect the software using best coding and design practices, always keeping an eye towards big picture. If there is no solution, then I'll invent one. Clients tell me that I have tremendous attention to detail. These are skills that you get only with years of experience.

So let's rock this Drupal world together.

My Location: Florida and Germany, obviously not at the same time.
Language: bi-lingual in English and German

Availability: contact me for availability and rates


Job title
Software Engineer and Architect, Weaver of Digital Dreams
Current company or organization
self employed / Drupal freelancer / consultant
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Websites, Internet, Drupal, Publishing, Writing, Movie
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Consulted or worked with:, Drupal Connect, Cocomore, Bright Solutions, Meyer Misgin Media, SeinQuest, Marriott, Walt Disney Animation Studios, WM, Walt Disney, Univessence Digital Studios, others


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