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I had fun and went to a bunch of workshops at the Toronto DrualCamp at the UofT campus this year, 2007! Great T-Shirt too!

Roles in working with Drupal
Site Builder, Developer, Themer, Projecy Manager
I contributed Drupal patches
I contributed Drupal modules
I contributed Drupal documentation
I help in the Drupal support forums
I provide Drupal-related services
I attended DrupalCon Boston 2008
I attended the Drupal conference colocated with the Open Source CMS and Blogging Tools Summit (Vancouver, Canada)

Personal information

Full name
William Roboly
My website
Since the days of Commodore 64's and Vic 20's, I've been meddling in communications, albeit as a hack amateur, but always with the intention of building bridges between people. I adore the idea that through a simple click of a key one can engage in a full blown conversation with someone else thousands of kilometers away; in an instant! Over the last few years, I've been introduced to so many new technologies, it blows my mind. My interests lie in the unknown, I thirst for knowledge.
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Job title
Co-Founder / Web Developer / Artist / Musician
Current company or organization
Public Works and Government Services Canada
Industries worked in
Government, NGO's, Television, Movie Industry, Theater, Internet, Print, Carpentry, Big Pharma (ugly), Journalism, Education
Companies worked for
Catalyst Entertainment, CBC Radio, CBC TV, CHUM TV, CityTV, TD Canada Trust, CIBC Securities, Air Canada, Biographix, Big Orbit New Media Studios, Iobion Informatics LLC... it doesn't really matter who I've worked for, the relevance is in the work I've done.


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8 years 2 months
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