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Themer, Developer, Site Builder
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I attended DrupalCon Portland 2013
I attended DrupalCon Chicago 2011
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Trent Stromkins
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drifting, bmx, web design, graphic design, web development
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Having a skill in something means that you have a understanding, and knowledge to make yourself useful in performing that task. Gaining talent in whatever I put my mind to, has been my greatest skill. I could say that it started with the ultimate childhood toy, Lego.

Lego allowed my imagination to grow into something tangible. Bringing that to today, I have used that imagination to help develop tools for tasks that were not in place. I have been able to learn and improve on ideas that were just wishes, to make them reality.

Learning most of my skills through my desire to challenge myself, and to find solutions for whatever problem or situation is at hand. Formal education may not be where I got my training, but that has never stopped me from building on my knowledge by reading, and interacting with others in the field or community.

Developing my skill for web design, and development, came from a lot practice, and a desire to learn.

Starting in late 1990's on small projects that were all static HTML sites, to custom PHP/MySQL content management systems built for clients needs, to now working with Drupal as my main CMS platform, I have a long history of building well thought out sites.

With the sites I design and develop, I love bringing cutting edge design practices into the clients reach and budget, this always has make my sites more dynamic and visually appealing than some of the others out there. I also find that I love the challenge of finding/building solutions to complex problems, as usually a little effort pays off big in the end.

What some may think is the only way to solve something, I like to make sure that is the "best" way to approach the issue, and innovate as I can. While working on any task, I try and see if there are better methods to getting the end result, as we all have room to improve.


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Front End Development Lead
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Packaging, Manufacturing, Marketing, Web Development
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Ropak Packaging, Small Robot, ImageX Media


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4 years 3 months


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