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I am a person with IT background and a proud cancer survivor. My intention is to build a cancer portal for where people can share their thoughts with others. I feel Drupal is a perfect software choice for the same. I have a blog about cancer but I am not satisfied because making all code changes by myself is quite difficult. Therefore over time I have realized that it is best to stick with open source solutions so that one can concentrate on the actual project rather than worrying about all the technical up-keep.

So far whatever I have known about Drupal is awesome. I am confident that my choice of an open source CMS is correct and there is a lot of community support on the forum. I also need to figure out that which hosting companies are the best for hosting this CMS. I do not have big budget, so I might just start with shared hosting and then later switch over to a better server if the web traffic picks up. See you all around.

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