Last updated February 13, 2014.

Want help getting started in D8? Maybe you should check out Core contribution mentoring?

For information on setting up a development environment with git to make or test patches, see the Setting up a dev environment document. We work off of the git 8.x branch. The Drupal project page, version control tab has the command to do a git clone of 8.x. If you have trouble getting Drupal 8 installed, or getting tests to pass locally for Drupal 8 head, see issues tagged d8 dev environment and open issues with that tag for any trouble getting set up.

Planned timeline

We're currently working our way toward "when it's done" by attacking critical bugs and tasks. Here's how that's going:

More information on the Drupal 8 schedule.

Official Initiatives

You can read more about the Official Initiatives that added many awesome features to Drupal 8.

How do I start?

Your first order of business is to get a git development environment up and running. Next, you should read the instructions on how to test out patches and how to review them. If you're a developer type, read up on creating patches. If you've read these instructions and are still scratching your head, drop by #drupal-contribute and someone would be happy to help you!

There are also core mentoring hours twice a week for real-time guidance on not only on how to get started but what to work on! (See link for times.) For coders and non-coders alike.

Where do I jump in?

Choose an area of interest below to see the important issues identified from those leading that initiative. Review and create patches to help see them through!

How can I add my own?

Have an "itch" of your own that you'd like to scratch? Just add a child page below, and dig in!