Last updated December 19, 2013.

Using IRC

The fastest and simplest way to access freenode irc is via If you are connecting through an app, it's on

To learn more about how to actually get connected to IRC, there is a good write up on finding a good client and connecting to IRC at You can also watch the video, Using IRC (Internet Relay Chat), which explains what IRC is, how to connect, and some basic usage and protocols. The intention of this book page is how to interact once you get connected to IRC.

There are a few simple IRC commands that should be used to allow best use of the IRC channels. To join one of the groups listed on the previous page, type /join #group where #group is name of the group you want to participate in. To disconnect from the server, use /quit.

Register your nick with freenode

When you log into IRC you're going to want to register your name with NickServ so no one else can use your nick, and others can gain familiarity with you by you using the same nick. Learn how to register your nick at

As a courtesy to the Druplicon (see below) and other members of the chat room, please do not include "Drupal" or any variation of it in your name.

Use the same IRC nick that you use with

Most people use their Drupal user name as their nick in IRC. If that name is already taken on freenode, then append a dash or numerals to the name. Many IRC clients will automatically append an underscore to your nick upon join if the name is already taken. Having a familiar nick allows for consistency between IRC and the Drupal site.
If you are using a different name on IRC than on, you may wish to use an IRC cloak. Information on obtaining one is here:


hello please can someone help me, on installing of drupal 6, it pass a warning message
"mail() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/globaljo/public_html/fctc/includes/ on line 192.
Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists.

And this leads to unable to send emails during account creation.

Your host has disabled the PHP mail function. Look at your php info page. You can do it like this:

1. Create a new node page with this as the text:

print phpinfo();

2. Don't forget to select the PHP filter.
3. Hit the "Preview" button. You don't need to submit the page, just previewing it will show you what you need to know.

Look through the PHP configuration information. Specifically, look for a line that says, "disable_functions", and you will probably see "mail" listed there.

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal\includes\database\ on line 2168

plz solved this problm?/


new here, so help appreciated!

I have just started building a site with Drupal 7, I have created two accounts so far, one is the admin account which appears to work fine, the other is a test account for a new user, when I log into this account all appears fine until I click on (My account and or the home button) I'm taken to my account and I can see the image I uploaded etc, or if the home button the page simply flickers and does nothing however when I click on Log out the page just flickers then nothing more happens again, I have in the side bar the module (Users online) after logging out, it still shows that a user is on line, when I click log out again, I then receive a page stating the following:-

Access denied You are not authorized to access this page.

It appears so far that the only fix for this is to keep clearing the cache and it appears to fix the issue, but then the issue repeats after logging in again with a user account...

Obviously I don't want users / visitors having to do this when they have logged in! Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance