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OpenConcept is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and has been in business since 1999. For the past 8 years, OpenConcept has focused exclusively on developing and supporting Drupal websites. We have extensive experience in developing dynamic tools that help to foster online communities. Our forté is working on websites that need something a little different, a little more elbow grease than the norm. For example, a project that is keen on heightening their website accessibility or require multilingual content.

Our client focus is on community driven projects that are striving to make a social change &/or have a positive impact on the world around them. We are a company that supports open source, for the public good. We are now also a Certified B Corporation and are working to see that our business works for a more sustainable and just world.

During the last few years OpenConcept has been a champion for open source adoption within government and hosts an annual 'Drupal in Government Showcase' in Ottawa designed to educate and facilitate deploying free and open source technologies within the government space. OpenConcept has also been a staunch advocate for accessibility improvements to content management systems in general and has been an international leader with respect to enhancing the accessibility of Drupal 7. We have also contributed to the Drupal security knowledge base by creating a Drupal security guide.

At OpenConcept, we believe strongly in developing a positive, long term relationship with our clients, and we work closely with our clients to meet the needs of their organizations and staff.

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Drupal contributions

Drupal contributions: 

Mike Gifford is the president of OpenConcept Consulting and has spearheaded the accessibility enhancements in Drupal 6, 7 & 8. Working with other experts around the world, OpenConcept has worked to ensure that Drupal is the CMS of choice for government and non-profit agencies who need to meet accessibility guidelines.

Our team has contributed modules, patches & bug reports, aside from our work on core. We have organized several Drupal events in Ottawa, particularly to promote adoption within the Government of Canada.

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