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This issue can be solved with 2 modules:

  1. Features - Allows you to export content-types, users and structures (e.g. Taxonomy, Image-styles, etc.) into a module-like package An excellent guide is available here:
  2. Feeds - Feeds is a contributed module that allows one to import and export content from a csv, xml, or rss format. Visit the feeds project page for more information.
  3. For "node-content" export/import use the "Node Export" module.

Future of Drupal Exportables

Drupal is well known for being modular and flexible. One of Drupal's strength is the move toward more and more exportable settings.

In fact, there currently is an initiative toward providing more of this exportable abilities: .

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


I guess these modules will also work with D6 but I´m not 100% sure nor tried it.

Yeah, d6 has Features. Seems very similar to the one in v7. Tricky; read up on it, some things aren't intuitive.

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This can also or quicker be done with the cTools "Bulk Exporter".

Hi, could you please elaborate a little more about how to import content types using Features? Have read info about Features module but don't see how to.

The Features module allows you to take a module that you have created in the UI and export it as a Feature Module. You download the code that the module gives you and put in your sites/all/modules directory. Then enable the module and your content type should be there ready. Watch for more details.

yeah, features module is a way to take CMS data in the DB, and maintain it as text files that you can manage with your source control. and/or porting/deploying changes you made from one drupal (developers) to another (production). cuz the DB content is typically not source controlled, and moving it between drupal DBs gets icky cuz different db records are tied to other ones ... you don't want to do it by hand. Meanwhile content that your users enter/upload, you typically don't want source controlled and deployed to production, if anything you'd want to port it in the reverse direction (production -> development).

the man may be gone, but the heroic struggle to mock him continues

ATM there appears to be no replacement for exporting/importing node type structures in D7. A few people (including the CCK project page) have suggested this is now handled by Features. What this means is that sadly, this functionality (which should be in core) is; like many other things, being lost in D7. Features DOES NOT do this.

Looks like this was just added in the past few days - Have not tried it yet.

It looks like a simple way to manually export and import a node type, but it's doesn't help if I just want to get the code to programmatically create a content type in a module. I'd hate to have to use Features just to create a content type :-/

Of course, I could manually work through the core install profiles to figure out how it all works together, but having an easier way of importing/exporting would be better.

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I tried it with both the recommended and dev version as of this writing and that worked. You might run into some issues that have to do with the recent updates but generally that should work imho.

Content Copy extension in will do the trick.