For example, I placed on [node:body] token, then if the value of body is null, the [node:body] will be directly shown on page title. I think instead of showing the token name, it should display nothing.

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i solved this with way in the attached patch

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thank you rootatwc, yours patch works fine!
Please commit it in main branch, why it did not happen?
Why not close the issue?

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Because it needed someone like you to confirm that works!

thanks. now its up to maintainers to commit it

It works fine =).
Many thanks for the patch

Version:7.x-2.5» 7.x-2.x-dev

The tests in 7.x-2.x dev are much much better than the ones in 7.x-2.7, though I don't see one for behavior with a null token object.

This patch applies cleanly, though.

The patch works perfectly, thank you! please commit to latest version ..