I use the Service Links module to embed social bookmarking links into my nodes, but they are not being displayed in a neat, orderly fashion.

Typically the service links are displayed in a single row, but what I am seeing is each link is being displayed in its own row, which means if I am using 5 service link icons, there are 5 rows used which takes up a lot of space and looks bad.

Is this an issue with Corporate Clean?


Bump, anyone have any ideas on this?

Thank you

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Hello mntash,

Is your Drupal installation online in order to examine your issue? It seems to be related with Corporate Clean's style (style.css).


Yes, thank you.
I will send you a PM with a link to my website.

Thank you, gtsopour

Hello mntash,

Add the following code to your style.css file

ul.links li { display:inline-block; padding:3px; }


Status:Active» Closed (fixed)

Thank you!!!! Would this work on any of your other themes as well, or only Corporate Clean?