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Last updated: March 7, 2012 - 19:50

Release notes

This release of Webform fixes a few issues discovered since the 3.16 release, specifically around the new AJAX-enabled file component added in 3.16, as well as some long-standing minor bugs. This release also includes a security fix related to using Webform in combination with Select or Other... module. If you are using Webform and Select or Other modules together, please upgrade your site immediately. See SA-CONTRIB-2012-035 - Webform Cross Site Scripting (XSS) for more details.

Bug fixes:

  • #1468324: Files are never marked permanent in 7.x-3.16.
  • #1472140: Drupal 6 number components missing label on submission display.
  • #1462286 by cbrasfield: Webform Components Clone cid variable is unset, but never actually re-set.
  • #1207374: Node tokens (provided by Webform) don't work as default values or description.
  • #1287474 by joachim: Don't show 'resend emails' action on the submission when there are no emails.
  • #1469530: Pass setcookie() HTTPONLY to prevent cross-site scripting.
  • #1470262 by bart.hanssens: Use the request_uri() function instead of $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI '] for Non-Apache servers.
  • #1207374 by imclean and quicksketch: Node tokens (provided by Webform) don't work as default values or description.
  • #1465970: Webform when used within Form Builder is missing proper element IDs.
  • #1188774: Select compoent should not directly set '#process' option for select_or_other.
  • #1460564 by bitkid: Make the Webform File component dependent on File module.
  • #1471764 by Liam Morland: Select or other component "other" input needs label.


  • #1468982 by Jody Lynn: Use db_write_record to insert/update submissions.
  • #1471392: Separate out save handler for webform_config_form(), use #type = 'actions'.
  • #1467182: Update the file component configuration theming and JavaScript.
  • #1458540 by larskleiner: Change unset($form_state['rebuild']) to $form_state['rebuild'] = FALSE to prevent notices.
  • Renaming webform_hooks.php to conventional documentation file name.
  • #1380824: Document parameters for hook_webform_options_info() callback functions.
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