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This is a simple question relation to this drupal.org forum. I noticed that some posts have attachments. How can I attach pictures of my screenshots with my forum posts so as to get my point across better???



I have similar problem. I need a forum that is integrated with Drupal and allows users to attach files to their posts (mostly .PDF and .DOC files. I can't find that function in the Drupal forum. I searched a lot and didn't find any answer to that problem. Please, reply - is this possible at all? Thans in advance.

Did you manage to find a solution on how to attach files in drupal forum? I would like to know if Drupal can do such a thing cause at the moment it doesnt seem possible.

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well... actually I meant this forum -- drupal.org

For instance I want to explain what my problem is, and usually a screenshot explains it all. Instead, I end up with very long posts, which I'm sure are boring to read.

Nevertheless it would be nice to allow this for all drupal installatiins.

I have noticed that attchments are not allowed in Private messaging either, bit that's a different story.

These are usual things that come with software like VBulletin streignt out of the box, and one would expect such features with a superior CMS like drupal as well.

The best way to do so it to upload them images to your own server and then place a link to it here on the forum

Another way (the one i use) is to open a free photobucket.com account place your images there and link to them on here.

Only a handful of people have the ability to directly apply images to their posts, and that is more for news and announcements then it is for general forum posts. Otherwise, Drupals HD would get clogged with uploaded files. Which we as a community don't want.

If you are using a Mac then one of the easiest ways to do this is to use Skitch.

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it is very possible on your own Drupal forum, using the attachment.module and or, the upload.module which comes with core.

Hi VeryMisunderstood,

I would really appreciate it, if you could describe how I need to set up the attachment or upload module to allow users attaching files in forums.


after the module is enabled

go to administer -> content types

edit the content type you want to have uploads attached to and check off the appropriate checkboxes.

then set the appropriate permissions in administer -> access control

the upload module is part of core. Documentation for core modules is found in the handbooks -> core modules area

the attachment module may have a README.txt file that should be read.

Thanks - I really appreciate it!

Sorry to bother you again...
How can I allow files to be attached to forum replies?
I have allowed attachments for the content type "forum topic", but there is no content type "forum comments" - do I need to create a new content type?

Unfortunately, I have foudn no info on how to do this, otherwise I wouldn't be asking you again!

THANKS, Hannes


I only saw support for this in 5.x-0.1.
Will this work in Drupal 6?

Is there any way for me to configure Drupal to allow file uploads in Forum Replys and Comments?



Will this work in Drupal 6?

No. The port to 6.x is near finished.
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then set the appropriate permissiions in administer -> access control

Try administer -> roles -> {appropriate role} -> upload module

This thread looks like it was originally for D5 at which point the path is correct.

however, in D6 you can get to the same place administer -> permissions

And what about Drupal 7?

Update: I have found how to do it, and a very nice solution it is too:

Structure, Content types, Forum topic, Manage fields

Add a new field called Attachments (name: field_attachments, weight: 3, field: type file, widget: file)

Permitted extension types (mine): txt, pdf, doc, docx, rtf, jpg, png, zip, vcf, ppt, pptx, pps, csv, xls, xlsx, bmp, gif, tif, mp3, mpg, mp4, mov, xml

Maximum upload size: 250 MB (edit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and update upload_max_filesize, from 2M to 250M; change post_max_size as well)

Upload destination: private files

Then make these changes for the comment fields, this time using an existing field (field_attachments).

Thanks for that.

However, I can't seem to have the option of selecting Private files. This is all I see:

Upload destination
Public files
Select where the final files should be stored. Private file storage has significantly more overhead than public files, but allows restricted access to files within this field.

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