Experiencing random error 302 pages for anonymous users since upgrading to 6.x-1.20. Clearing the cache solves the problem, but it keeps recurring and I'm not yet seeing a pattern with intervals in which it's happening.

Any help would be appreciated.


Can you check the contents of the cached page? (in cache/normal/...)
Are you using the crawler?
Are you using i18n?
Any redirect modules, such as globalredirect?

302 codes are usually for redirections. If it's the case, what was the source and destination of the redirection?

Thanks, now that I know what to look, when it happens again I'll check the cached page.

Are you using the crawler? No
Are you using i18n? No
Globalredirect? Yes

Help, happening here too after upgrade.

Are you using the crawler? No
Are you using i18n? No
Globalredirect? Yes

Using secure pages module.

I'm also using secure pages

Securepages might be causing this. There are a few open issues in the queue regarding SSL.
Could you provide a simple config that I can reproduce? Ex: is the 302 on a secure page?

Was there a page generated in the cache when this occurred? What was its content?

There's no pattern as to what pages return 302. Some are views, some are nodes (simple content page). No secure pages produced a 302 error, however no secure page is set to cache via Boost.

Same problem here:

Boost 1.20
Securepages 2.x-dev

Ran across this thread:

I haven't personally tried it yet but might fix the problem

Update: The suggestion didn't work for me...

It might only apply to the 1.x branch of securepages

Update 2: K... the "fix" was actually for something different than the problem mentioned here... Sorry for the waste of space. I got excited when I saw a supposed fix...

I will agree that the pages getting the 302 error is "random", but about every three times of hitting the "_0 Clear ALL boost cached data", I get the 302 on my about page or UC catalog page...