I would like to alter the output of the pdf filename. After digging around views_pdf_plugin_display.inc, it seems the output is using the view machine name?

if (empty($path_to_store_pdf)) {
      $path_to_store_pdf = $this->view->name;

How do I reference a field in the view, such as content title, so I can append it to the output? I understand some formatting would be required to make it a valid filename.

I am a novice with PHP, so any help/direction is greatly appreciated!

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Ah thanks for changing to the correct category. Can anyone offer any direction? :/

Is there any update on this? I'd like to alter the file name as well. Currently it's using Views' machine name.

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Since clearly this issn't possible currently and the request could be usefull I'm changing this to feature request.

Basically a new setting for "PDF SETTINGS" is requested that makes it possible to set a custom file name, preferable with the support of tokens.

I am interested in this as well.

I found at least one way to alter the PDF filename.

1) Add this to the last "PHP Code After Output" box
$this->view->pdf->Output("YOUR PDF NAME");
This should go at the very end of any code. As far as I can tell, nothing after it will be rendered.

You could change out "YOUR PDF NAME" to something like $this->view->build_info['title'] to use the view title.


2) In views_pdf_plugin_display.inc, change

if (empty($path_to_store_pdf)) {
      $path_to_store_pdf = $this->view->name;

if (empty($path_to_store_pdf)) {
      $path_to_store_pdf = $this->view->build_info['title'];

I haven't tried this second way yet.

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People just want a way to set the PDF name dynamically.

And this is possible if you change
$path_to_store_pdf = $this->view->name;
$path_to_store_pdf = $this->view->get_title();
in views_pdf_plugin_display.inc

The title can include field placeholders or can be set by contextual filters, which is how people would be able to change the PDF name.

Sorry for not proving a patch but the change is pretty simple to apply and I don't think it will break anything.

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This is a feature that can be easily introduced.

Please need reviews this patch, but I did a push into the dev branch.

Works for me

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