I took on the challenging task to make a UI to bulk create product variations, a big chunk of my time was spend evaluating other systems. I noticed they where really hard to use, they often relied on creating either just one/two attributes on which you make variations through difficult set configurations (Magento, Amazon) or even asked people to build out a full excel sheet.

I designed something that hopefully captures all that is needed, the prototype can be found :


The flow I propose is:

  1. You click to add a bulk variations from the product creation screen.
  2. You fill in the SKU-pattern, this could be prefilled.
  3. You select which attribute you wish, this uses the Chosen interaction (term filtering on product listings) so you can select multiple (not represented in the prototype).
  4. You select Black, Yellow, and all the sizes. Then click "add".
  5. The options are added to the table, and you can finalize by clicking create variations.

The chosen interaction allows us to scale to an large amount of attribute options, and scales to at least 5/6 attributes with few UX problems. This doesn't have to be a model, instead we should probably place it inline.

I have marked this critical, because many participants mentioned this as a important missing piece.



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Starting point.

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Updated issue summary.

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Moving this to the IEF issue queue, it's more logical there. We can open a Kickstart issue that points to it.

The mockup seems okay, keeping in mind the fact that we wont be using a modal (it will be an inline form just like the "add product" one).

Any prevision when this will be released? I need this very much... :/

It's not on the todo list for the initial 2.0 release, so anything between weeks and months.

If you start coding it yourself, feel free to ping me on IRC with questions.

In the mean time, can this be emulated via the Bulk Product Creation module?

Also being able to reuse the same images per e.g. a color category would be most useful.

The same images may not make sense for all variations, but they might for all variations of the same color.

Workflow for this would be, e.g.:

  1. Set up common fields for a group of variations to be generated (e.g. same images for the same color)
  2. Select the variable attributes that will generate the different combinations
  3. Generate
  4. Repeat for another color

Having written this, I guess BPC can do this if you do it once per color.

OMG, this is sooo needed! You have some code that I can keep working and make the correct patch? I need this feature ASAP.

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Need help! With some memory leak.

I'm trying to make the patch to handle the bulk implementation. But in the final step I'm getting a memory leak with the entity object. The result is ALL the variants get the same result.

Need some help with this.

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Was just adding this line

'entity' => clone $bulk_entity_form['#entity'],

And I'm avoided the object recursion.

To activate the bulk process you have to go to the field UI and edit the ief field and select this options i.e.
Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 15.56.09.png

Then in the edition you will see the bulk button in the node creation / product creation.

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Updating with the attribute hack, that alter the form.

The field has to be setup like normal attribute field (1 limit) the patch alter the form to make it unlimit select.

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Updated issue summary.

Hey guys,
I'm a geneal user of Drupal & no idea about coding. But may be this is possible?


1>Select Color+Images
2>Select multiple Size (instead of 1 size, allow unlimited from field setting)
3> It will generate auto SKU for very size.

I think this make sense. In real store, they produce one color, take image of it, but various size. & most of the time(99%) size doesn't effect pricing.

** So, we need just one thing, is to make a way to select unlimited size (I found)+ 98)+ auto generation combining those color+size+image (someone need to do!)