I wasn't able to enable any language when creating new content with entity translation.
When activating "Exclude Language neutral from the available languages" it gave an 'illegal choice' errorwhen saving a node.

After turning of the i18n multilingual content module everything seems to be o.k.


Version:7.x-1.0-beta2» 7.x-1.x-dev
Component:Base system» Documentation

ET and multilingual content are incompatible, we should make this clear.

Title:Falling back to language neutral when i18n multilingual content module enabledClarify that Multilingual content (i18n) and ET are not compatible
Category:bug» task

I can confirm this. Enabling this modules together >> the user is unable to save any node.

Priority:Normal» Critical

>> critical

What about providing some documentation instead of arbitrarily raising the priority? I'm afraid this won't change the importance this issue has to my eyes :)

#6: Sorry, probably I don't get your message. I think i simply used the comment form possibilities, is it wrong? I forgot to change the priority, so I made it in the next step. I will help you with documentation if needed, of course. However, I did not know that I can contribute to the documentation of certain module if I don't maintain the module. Tell me please how can I help.

The documentation pages should be editable by any logged user, I'd probably add some notes about this here: http://drupal.org/node/1280800.

You mean incompatible per content-type isn't ?
Using i18n for a very variable content-type and ET for another, more homogeneous, one is still possible. Am I wrong ?

Node translation and field translation for nodes are compatible. The Multilingual content submodule may filter node listings (and menu items) by node language, depending on its settings. This usually causes troubles to ET, but it depends on your use case.

Priority:Critical» Normal

Problem is that multilingual content allows e.g. hiding the content translation links (which can be hidden from the content type itself though).

I'd also like to note that I have a views block in a panel on my front page that doesn't select the correct language. The page view on the other hand does...

I have both multilingual select and multilingual content disabled.

Problem is that multilingual content allows e.g. hiding the content translation links.

I'm sorry but ET and Multilingual content are architecturally incompatible. There's nothing to do here. However also ET lets you hide the content translation links in the latest versions.

Thanks, I just edited my note above about the setting per content type.

Could you take a look at this front page?

The view slide show block in the front page panel shows 2 latest news items in the default language and the 3rd is in the non-default language, for no good reason...

Whereas on the News page (accessible from menu), the language selection is better.

Any ideas?

Please, let's not derail this issue. If you are having troubles and they are not related to multilingual content let's repopen the issue we came from and clarify what's wrong and how to reproduce it.

OK, will post in more appropriate thread.

Title:Clarify that Multilingual content (i18n) and ET are not compatibleClarify that Multilingual select (i18n) and ET are not compatible

Sorry, guys, actually the incompatibility is with the Multilingual select module. See #2107219: How to translate content type names? for details.