Currently when someone uses an Entity Reference field to reference nodes of more than one content type, there is no good way to distinguish one type of node from another. For example there may be "Season" nodes and "Person" nodes referenced by a single ER field, yet there could be more than one node titled "Autumn" or "Summer" (both of which can be both a person's name and a season).

Since entity reference field already has a "Sort by" field for the Simple entity selection, why not allow rendering that sort criteria as a Group heading to distinguish one group from another. A simple checkbox "Render Group Headings" or something similar could act as an on-off switch.

Here's how ER field currently renders:

Here's how I'm proposing it should look:



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This is a duplicate of #1812968: Provide option group for referenceable entities (though the documentation and suggested UI here is more complete.

I've used an Entity Reference view display to generate a list of relations to be used in cck edit/node.
I've tried to group that list by field in the format settings (in my case was by taxonomy term field) and the auto preview is perfectly working.
Unfortunately when I load the view in nodetype (as Entity Reference field) the list is not grouped. Imho, it would be really usefull using "format settings" to group the entityreference list. Thanks

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Marked the other issue #1812968: Provide option group for referenceable entities as duplicate since this is better documented and explained. There were no objections when I asked in that issue queue.