After enabling the Bean All module, most of my blocks cannot be put into visible regions, they move to the disabled area upon saving. After disabling the Bean All module, everything works fine. I should mention that I have the Menu Block module installed.


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The bean all module takes over all of the other blocks. This is by design. You now create beans. Though, some of the logic/settings to not work quite well yet so I wouldn't use bean_all with more complicated blocks.

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This came as quite a shock when we enabled it on a site we already had a lot of regular blocks on, as it moved them all to disabled.

I'd suggest a warning on the module install page or at least in the README file, I've opened this again as a documentation issue and can write these and add a patch next week.

Yeah, the bean module isn't in great shape. I almost think it should be pulled for now.

This is a really invasive feature (although a neat vision for the future). Please add a warning on the module page - this was quite an alarming "feature" to have to troubleshoot and could have saved a bunch of time in our dev process if we knew to avoid it. Bean (not all) is awesome , continue the good work!

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Agreed, this should be improved pretty urgently.

Agreed, this should be improved pretty urgently.

Are we happy with documentation and text on the add module page?
I can make a patch tomorrow.

+1 for adding a message in the Beans All module description and potentially making a warning during enabling. Otherwise, do not perform any destructive tasks on enabling and instead have a drupal_set_message() that nags the admin saying something like, "Beans All module wants to remove blocks from some regions, to use all of the features please *perform the rebuild*. WARNING: This cannot be undone."

This would allow users to get out of the destructive tasks if they didn't read docs or didn't understand what the module was going to do. I think my above message idea might need some better wording however.

Thank you! The update to the documentation with super clarity and known impact is great! I attempt to RTFM most everything, this one slipped past me. Thank you again!

Ouch - yeah, maybe this module should not be included in the bean suite for a while - that's pretty destructive to set all blocks to disabled even after uninstalling bean all.