My dblogs are showing many rows of this this error constantly (several times per hour):

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in theme_image_formatter() (line 605 of /path-to-drupal/modules/image/

The only issue I could find for it was posted for Drupal core -- -- but it was quickly dismissed as being a Views issue instead. However, there is no indication how to fix it, and I haven't found any issues in Views about it.

Does anyone know what to do about this?

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Here's a quick patch for this issue.

The above patch worked like a charm. Thanks BAHbKA!

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Setting proper status in the hopes that the right one will get someone to review it.

Status:Needs review» Needs work

The last submitted patch, fixed_image_warnings-1959558-1.patch, failed testing.

Any thoughts on whether the patch is safe to use in production sites? I realize it failed testing for official integration....

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#1: fixed_image_warnings-1959558-1.patch queued for re-testing.

This patch didn't fix the issue for me, but I think it may be a bigger issue than views. I see the exact error described when looking at a view, but none of the images load when viewing a node either. It looks like the src="" - which obviously isn't going to get too far. Is anyone else seeing that?

This patch didn't fix the issue for me, What I found to be the problem is to have an image fields in the view whose images files are not in the folder (sites/files..) where is suppose they should be; or having and image field linking to no image files. I guess when views try to render the image, which does not exist as a file in the folder but it does exists as a field, generates this error. placing back the images files fix the error.

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This patch did remove the error, if something else is wrong this is not related to the patch I think, so please commit.
Greetings, Martijn

I just applied this patch in response to getting the same error. It is still displaying the error. Does anybody have any other ideas?

I was just getting ready to go live with a newly upgraded-from-6 site. A bit of additional info, all was working fine until I upgraded my local dev environment to php 5.3.8. It was in 5.2.x before then. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Maybe I'm just dumb, but I am trying to manually patch this - but I can't find the file: /modules/field/ anywhere in my site.

I found the modules/field folder - but not the file. Any suggestions?

I have to manually do patches due to my server setup (no terminal access, and we are currently looking to change hosting providers).

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: Never Mind - found it. However, the patch did not fix my issue. The only workaround I had was to specify an image for the product/element that was the cause of the error (i.e. image could not be NULL).


Hey @MaWebDesigns: it's a common mistake, but patches usually start at the root of the module it's patching. And (rather confusingly) Views contains a folder called "modules". So what you should be looking for is sites/all/modules/views/modules/field/ Hope that helps!

Thanks Dave, as soon as I posted this - I found the file and updated.

Unfortunately, it still didn't fix the errors.

For what it's worth, I saw this error after an upgrade from 6 to 7. Also, I found that it goes away when using fields, but appears when using view modes, after the patch is applied.

Patch didn't fix things for me, either.

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Changing status in hopes that another solution might be searched for...

Are you guys have this error message shows at the front end pages ?
For my website, this error message only show at back end configure page.
*I didn't try this patch yet.

The patch works also with v3.7

I didn't have this error at first, then I activated language support for Article type content and it suddenly appeared. On deactivating language support after updating some first Articles from English to Spanish I though it would disappear again. However instead now I have it 7 times on ALL pages AND to see for Anonymous visitors, great!
Since I just have decided to include a Drupal Error & Struggle blog on all websites, you will now be able to follow all my struggles and frustrations on each of the never ever finished (never more than say 60%) Drupal sites, starting with

As you can see there, the above changes were only to find a way out of even an earlier problem. Instead, problems got more and worse.
In fact I just discover that now pictures have disappeared from the carrousel at the bottom...

Anyway, for the short "solution" how can I at least avoid them to appear on visitors pages?

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#920840: broken images displayed when file data is missing for when this error occurs during entity view