Please note after much experimentation when using a VBO 'Modify Entity Values' with 'Select all items on all pages' checked (and using a pager) it will only actually modify the current page's entities even though you have 'select all items on all pages' checked. It will not change the entities on any of the other pages.

Just so you know if you have 'display all items' and hence do not have a pager the 'Select all items on all pages' selects all the items on that page and will modify the entities without issue, so it's definitely a pager problem.

At the moment I have over 9000 rows in a view so I really need this to work to make entity changes across all the rows with a pager. As you can imagine the greater the view grows the worse the performance if I have to display all (as opposed to page).


I have same problem

Has anyone noticed this post yet? Is there a patch available only it appears to be a major bug?

Problem is, I can't reproduce what you're describing.
Looks like a corner case, judging by the lack of comments in this issue.

Is it always limited to page 1? What happens if you try another view on the same entity type? What if you try a different entity type (users instead of nodes, etc).

Can you attach a view export?

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