Content has a margin on the right proper, but right floated sidebar container will not appear on the right, upsetting the whole page structure.

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#19 menu-less-than-851px.jpg69.45 KBmjohnq3
#19 menu-less-than-560px.jpg53.17 KBmjohnq3
#6 fix-broken-layout-rtl-1979392-5.patch2.84 KBthamas
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#5 Screenshot_4_26_13_8_29_AM.png67.52 KBGábor Hojtsy
#5 Screenshot_4_26_13_8_33_AM.png46.19 KBGábor Hojtsy
#4 fix-broken-layout-rtl-1979392-3.patch549 bytesthamas
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#3 fix-broken-layout-rtl-1979392-0.patch406 bytesthamas
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Screenshot_4_25_13_9_54_AM.png130 KBGábor Hojtsy


Issue tags:+frontend

Assigned:Unassigned» thamas

In progress, patch coming soon…

Status:Active» Needs review
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Here is a basic patch which should fix the issue.

new549 bytes
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The patch in #3 is not right cause it places first sidebar to the left, however in RTL the first should be on the right (I think). So here is a new one which works as it should. (It is against the default state, not the patched version, so patch in commet #3 should be simply ignored. I hope I do it right…)

Status:Needs review» Needs work
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new67.52 KB

Thanks! This looks good on the desktop (where the 25% margins are affective). Also cross-checking the CSS, you applied the same rules reversed, so good :)


It does not seem to affect the responsive state in @media all and (min-width: 560px) and (max-width: 850px) where the sidebars are 50%. Just size your browser down to see:


Also I don't think we removed the requirement to add /* LTR */ comments on properties in the original sheet which need modification in the RTL sheet so we don't forget them again like we did this time :D

In short, looks good on desktop, needs work on the smaller version and to add /* LTR */ comments to properties in the original sheet which are overriden in RTL.

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OK, here is the new patch to fix the issues you mention. I also made sidebar width to 100% when there is only one sidebar and screen width is below 850px. (I found a line in the code which suggested this, but it did not work: .one-sidebar #sidebar {width: 100%;}) If this is not the expected behaviour I can change this.

Status:Needs work» Needs review

Status:Needs review» Reviewed & tested by the community

Looks amazing in RTL, it adapts properly to whatever screen size I put it at. Also, looks good in terms of the CSS changes themselves now reproducing the responsive sections in RTL that were sadly missed in the responsive conversion.

Issue tags:+sprint

Put on D8MI sprint for commit tracking.

Status:Reviewed & tested by the community» Fixed

Awesome work!!

This looks great, apart from some minor spacing issues I noticed /*LTR*/ -> /* LTR */ but I just fixed those on commit.

Committed and pushed to 8.x. Thanks!

Issue tags:-sprint

Woot, thanks @thamas for jumping on this.

Wooo! My first core patch!

I'm happy and proud to be able to help! :)

@thamas congrats!

What made you jump in?

@YesCT thanks!

I always want to help, but my resources (time, knowledge) are limited. I found the issue by reading Gábor's tweet about it. And I saw that I am able to fix it and found the time to do it. :)



For when you do have time... we are starting to tag frontend like issues to make them easier to find:

Thanks for the info! I saw the new tag in #1 but I have forgotten it since than… :)

Great work, thamas! Welcome to the team. :D

Thanks, Angie! :)

Status:Needs work» Active
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Sorry, but this change completely borked the Menu tabs (when they change to buttons). At less than 851px they should be three across, each approx. one-third the width of the screen. At less than 560px they should each be the full screen width, and stacked vertically. See the attached screenshots.

I'm trying to see if I can figure out what happened.

Assigned:thamas» Unassigned
Status:Fixed» Needs work

Title:Bartik broken in RTLBartik layout broken in RTL
Status:Active» Closed (fixed)

@mjohnq3 The problem with menu tabs is not related to the changes here. The bug was there before the patches (I just tested that state). And I feel we will find other RTL issues as well. (We should check all the stylesheets for possible RTL problems: floats, different margins…)

So I think we should open a new issue for the menu tabs in RTL just to keep things more clear.

Let's open a new issue and link it from here indeed! @mjohnq3: are you up for that?

@thamas - Yes, I can now see that this change didn't affect the menu problem.

@Gabor Hojtsy - I'll take a look as soon as I can. I had a hard drive crash and also was without internet access for several many hours.

Reference - new issue for the menu fix: #1994192: Bartik's menu tabs in RTL

@thamas: maybe you can help review/test #1994192: Bartik's menu tabs in RTL? :)

@Gábor Hojtsy I'll do my best… :)