We would like all of the designs/styling used in Drupal core to use reusable components. Unfortunately, its not always obvious what these components should be named.

Proposed resolution

Do a survey of various style guides to see what others have named these components.

We are building a list of possible components in a Google drive spreadsheet:

Here's the list of style guides/resources that should be used for each component:

Remaining tasks

As components are identified and a survey is made of its naming, create an issue for each component and then try to come to consensus based on the survey data. Add that new issue to the issue summary of #1995272: [Meta] Refactor module CSS files to use component-style selectors


Besides the Seven Style Guide and Anna Debenham’s Mother of All Styleguide Lists (see issue summary), there is also the ARIA roles spec, which may help with naming.

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Added links to the Seven Style Guide and to Anna Debenham’s Mother of All Style Guide Lists

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Fixed Anna Debenham link and added Cloud Four's spreadsheet.

Title:Plan out Component naming conventionsComplete a survey of 3rd party resources to aid with component naming conventions
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I've updated the issue summary with more concrete steps.

I went through the six style guides besides Seven that were listed under menu_tree and filled out all the information that I could. There are more on the master spreadsheet, but this is maybe a good starting place?

Some of the style guides are of higher quality than others. Foundation and Bootstrap had the most number of components.

A lot of these are very class heavy. Some of that is inevitable. It just seems a bit wordy in some cases. AUI in particular prefixes near every class with aui- which seems unnecessary.

Anyhow, here's the updated spreadsheet.

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Add more formalized plan