This website lists the current top 100 Drupal websites (with a few limitations).

Edit (2013-12-02): lists the top Drupal websites (in the top 1 million websites worldwide) and it updated weekly.

Where does the data come from

The top sites list comes from Alexa as sold by Amazon (which owns Alexa) through their Web Services.

Currently the site data is then gathered with a custom module that parses them in serial (needs to be rewritten to be faster with a non-blocking rolling cURL ripper some time in the future). The same module also obtains the detection JSON from the Wappalizer project and re-implements it as PHP logic on the fly.


I didn't write additional logic to try to determine if a site is using Drupal when the site takes obvious measures to obfuscate the use of Drupal. Many top-end sites prefer to keep such things hidden.

One large part of the detection logic of Wappalizer needs a JS run-time environment which is obviously not available to the PHP parser.

A Bit of History

The site was first put together to get a better idea of the top South African websites that run Drupal as we're in the beginnings of putting together Drupal Association South Africa. It ran a few times already to generate the top South African websites for us, the history of which is available here:

The Future

Other Drupal labors of love in "free" time like this podcast aggregator for Drupal with a unified feed and "real work" will likely hold the ideas up a bit. But it would be great to pick a different country every month to generate statistics for in the near future. The ripper can do with better code and unifying the sites will be nice too. Finally, a new theme and exposure of more data, like a migration list over time to see which sites moved to and from Drupal. These items may well wait to serve as a great project to learn D8 with over December.


These are really cool websites... :)

Hello All,

Our new Top Websites site is live (though still in beta).

Some initial countries: UAE, South Africa, International, Japan and the Czech Republic (capital is Prague, where the next DrupalCon will be held).

It still features the top Drupal websites in South Africa (, but now also lists several other countries and top websites charts for Joomla! and WordPress (so we have a list of websites that need to be turned into Drupal websites ;-).

For the technically inclined:

I'm now running the statistics gathering scripts as PHP CLI scripts that are much faster that the previous Drupal-based solution. I'm also storing data YAML format which is the new configuration file storage format for Drupal 8. The previous statistics gathering scripts ran for several days per chart, the new scripts finished the job for all the countries and CMSes in just a couple of hours.

Essentially, I obtain the list of top websites per country from Amazon through their web services, I then strip out all domains not in the ccTLD of the country and proceed with analysis. For analysis I grab the logic from the Wappalizer project and programmatically turn that into PHP logic; I then grab each top domain's http://, http://www, https:// and https://www versions and analyse the first that presents a 200 HTTP code. Finally, I run all of the found websites that were detected to run one of the CMSes past PhantomJS to get a screenshot for each.

The scripts aren't perfect, but since this was a weekend project, they can be made better in time.

Finally, the YAML files those scripts spit out are imported in one Drupal text field with a custom formatter to turn them into top charts. In time we'll gittify the source scripts, use Composer to get supporting libraries, base a lot more on Symfony (which supports newer YAML), write the scripts with more robust handling of sites (it simply skips a site if it can't connect to it the first try right now) and much more automation (still have a workflow around the generation of new charts right now).

The Amazon top list is based on usage of the Alexa toolbar, so if your site is not in the top list and you think it should be, simply install the Alexa toolbar for your browser.

Suggestions are very welcome!

Kind regards,
Riaan Burger


I added the top (other than the 'States) three internet using countries' statistics.

We now have the new stats for China, India and Brazil on top of the existing one for International, South Africa, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and the Czech Republic:

Limitations to the script and to my IPv4 link may be what's causing so few Chinese sites to be listed.

Notable is India where Drupal websites outnumber Joomla! ones.

A new batch of country data is nearly ready for the site, but most of my off time is spent on a new website listing top Drupal websites overall: An online community for Irish students in the jobs market.

Nice. Is there a some kind of list which is updated once a month?