I've got Drupal 7.22, Views 7.x-3.7 and Views PHP 7.x-1.x-dev

My Existing view has 16,000 Users in a Table format, with a Grouping Field, 3 relationships to other Profile2 types and a pager. I add a Views PHP field (just as a field, not a filter) and the pager disappears. The Views PHP field works brilliantly (thanks!) and is just what I needed, but I can't live without the pager of course. I use the Views PHP field as my only Grouping Field.

Things I've tried to get my pager back include:

- changing from full pager to mini (and others)
- deleting and re-adding the pager
- removing the Grouping Field
- clearing the cache
- changing the Pager ID within the pager
- rescanning the template files (none are altered from standard)
- putting different code in my Views PHP field including just blank code for the Value and Display sections
- cloning the view (which is how I discovered it was the Views PHP field that was causing the trouble, by deleting and re-adding it)
- moving the View PHP field to the start of the row, or to the middle
- removing all filters
- removing all sort fields
- removing all Access Restrictions
- I am working as User 1
- tried both in Preview and on the site
- different browsers
- Using Firebug, there appears to be no HTML being printed for the pager, so don't think it's a CSS issue

Basically I am left with a simple User-based View with no relationships, 1 column as the Username, 1 as the View PHP field and have no pager.

I'm not sure what else to try for this common scenario - does anyone have any other ideas I could try?



quick update - also tried changing from table to 'unformatted list', but didn't help.

Hy, I have the same problem. You found a solution for this ? Thank's

I am also experiencing this issue

I believe this is a dup of https://drupal.org/node/2123315

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