My hosting company has messed up my database and parts of the UI in Views is no longer working. For example, in a views pane, clicking on the edit link of the Argument input setting, brings up an empty white box with no settings. This is for new views. Older views are fine.

What is the best way to fix this: Export all the views, uninstall and re-install the Views module and import the views back again or is there a better way? I copied the module (same version) over the existing one but it did not fix it. I am afraid of the impact uninstalling and re-installing the module may have on other modules that provide views or depend on it.

I am not even sure the problem is with Views. I noticed the issue when I went to the pattern page of URL aliases and it was all blank. I uploaded a backup copy of the database and all was back to normal. Since then, I have done extensive development work and going back to an even older database backup would set me back substantially. That's something I would like to avoid if at all possible.

Any advice you could give on this would be greatly appreciated.



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Ack. If my hosting company messed up my database I would:

A - Demand my money back, and/or demand they restore my database to a backup taken within the last day. That's TOTALLY unacceptable.

B - Change hosting company. Right now. If daily backup is a paid service, pay for it. Make them test it too.

C - Not attempt to fix the messed-up database. There will most likely be niggling little problems from here on if you do. You're only as good as your last solid backup. Suck it up and re-do the work - it will be faster and better the second time.

D - Make much more frequent backups in future. Automate those via a cron job, and rsync them offsite if they are on the production server.

E - Don't develop on a hosted server if at all possible. Develop locally on a native LAMP stack or VM, use git, make DB backups (and consider putting those in git too).

Yes, I learned that the hard way. I am shopping for another hosting company right now. And it's not the first time they mess up my database. It happened twice last week alone. They always say it's not their fault. Only once did they accept responsibility and offered one free month of hosting!

Fortunately, I have a new backup sent by email (Backup and Migrate module - a godsend) every three hours, so I was always able to recover nicely with minimal losses even when some of the backups were bad.

I began developing the site locally three years ago but I thought switching to a hosted server would permit me to see how the hosting company performed before going into production. The results would have been catastrophic if those problems had developed after the site went into production. I would have looked like a bozo with my client and certainly lost his patronage. So, in a way, there was a positive side to this experience.

Anyway, I think you are right on every point. And I will suck it up and re-do the work.

Thank you for your input.

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