This really needs to have a label associated with it:

<div class="form-item form-type-textfield form-item-title">
<input id="edit-title" class="form-text" type="text" maxlength="128" size="60" value="test" name="title" aria-describedby="edit-title--description">
<div id="edit-title--description" class="description">This title will be displayed with the view, wherever titles are normally displayed; i.e, as the page title, block title, etc.</div>


Title:Label missing in Page: The title of this viewLabel missing in Page: The title of this view & The menu path or URL of this view

Also a problem with:

Page: The menu path or URL of this view

Issue tags:+Novice, +VDC


Issue tags:+TwinCities

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Please review. This patch adds two missing labels into Views. First, under the Title setting; second is the Path setting. Screenshot of each attached.

Status:Needs review» Reviewed & tested by the community

Code looks good, and I can see the labels for the title and page path.

Status:Reviewed & tested by the community» Closed (duplicate)

This is a duplicate of #933004: Test that all form elements have a title for accessibility. If you know of more issues like this, please close them in favor of that issue.

@tim.plunkett can you bring the patch from #4 into the #title property issue?

I think these still need to be defined as per the patch here. That could get moved over to the new one, but the other patch doesn't fix (visually) this.

They are defined in the other issue. It says the same thing for screen readers as this issue does.
I've chosen to leave the Views UI visually the same as it is now.