If the current theme is not the mail theme, mailsystem_theme_theme_registry_alter() alters the theme registry by loading the mail theme in addition to the current theme.
So when the cache is cleared and theme_a is active, drupal first initializes theme_a and additionally theme_b (our mail theme). Due to the fact that drupal_alter caches the available functions, out hook_alter functions in out theme_b's template.php (or theme_b's base theme) don't get called, because these functions weren't loaded when theme_a got initialized.
This leaves theme_b (our mail theme) in an initialized, but broken state, as none of the themes alter hooks have been loaded.


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Not 100% why mailsystem builds the mail theme registry when it's not the active theme but I won't question that and instead will give you this patch... I'm not convinced it's the completely proper way to fix this but it works for me with an Omega based subtheme.

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Patch in #1 has a typo in, doesn't appear to affect anything except a PHP notice but here's a fixed patch.

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Patch #2 solved same issue on a omega 4.x subtheme.
Thanks @mjpa

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Patch #2 is working here, I'd RTBC it but I needed and additional fix for a related issue: my custom theme uses some functions from the base theme, which is currently loaded after the child causing a "function not found" fatal error to be thrown. If the interdiff looks good we can RTBC this.