I have added some links to example sites that are using Openfolio. If are using Openfolio and want your site highlight add your site in this issue.

I can't guarantee your site will be put on the project page but others will be able to see it here and I would love in general just see how people are using it.



Thank you for this great distribution! Here is a site we have just launched using it:


Content is starting to be added right now, I believe in a period of a week this site will be great for demonstration.

Best regards,

@highvrahos nice site. Do you want to add it now or wait until you add more content?

If you want to wait please update this issue when you are ready, so I remember to add it.

Thank you for your kind comments @tedbow.

Feel free to add it now, basic content is already uploaded, so it's pretty good to go.

Best regards,

Ok, done.

I'm making some tests with Openfolio, in order to renew and then (probably) go e-commerce of this pre-existing site,


@jordilopezamat, good luck with it. Let us know when you have switched it over.