Hi all,

I'm guessing there's a straight-forward way to do this which I've missed and would love some ideas/help implementing the following:

I've setup the latest OpenLayers suite of modules with OpenLayers+ and everything is working as expected. I'd like now to be able to not only save a polygon (which is working well using the OpenLayers Editor module), but also the layer state of the map using a Geofield at the time of editing a node.

Simply put, when I draw a shape on a map I'd like to know that all the layers I've turned on will also be saved with the Geofield and node when I save it - so that when I display that node I see the appropriate layers open automatically with the polygon I've drawn onto my OpenLayers map, (irrespective of whether the Map being shown say through the field display or View has been setup to show those layers by default.)

This must be possible without coding a custom module to hold this information - any ideas/suggestions?



Could this be something which could be facilitated through Openlayers Plus using the cookie code here: https://drupal.org/node/2039917 ?


That would only work on the client, so it would only work per-person per-browser. If you want to be able to create an OpenLayers Map configuration per node, you could take a base OpenLayers map configuration and store any deltas with that basemap in the node, by extending it.