Having errors after updating: https://drupal.org/node/1911552#comment-7910143

Started update over manually by copying files per https://docs.acquia.com/commons/upgrade#animated

Same error from Mozilla javascript debug: Error: TypeError: a.attributes is undefined
Source File: .../misc/jquery.js?v=1.4.4
Line: 56

Since html a attribute is undefined clicking links does not work.
Multi-site and same error on all sites
Admin menu links work correctly.


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added admin menu working

Just duplicated with 7.x-3.3
Don't really understand even where to start looking.

Category:bug» support
Status:Active» Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble upgrading.

Which link are you clicking and in which browser are you getting the error?

Firefox, IE 10.
All "a" attributes are undefined.

Big finding. All the links work if you are not logged in. Logging in causes the error. Maybe permissions are screwed up?

Well, it has to be some sort of permission issues. Some links work, most don't, depending on the user's role and permissions. For instance as a Drupal Admin the link for administer and panelize group works using Commons Origins theme, and when that switches to the admin theme I can select all links. All appropirate links work if I "Open in new tab" or enter directly into url field of browser.

I've rebuilt permissions and it didn't seem to change much.
Turned off "Strict node access permissions" at admin/config/group/settings
....so is this an OG issue? Am in in the wrong place...

More info from TypeError: a.attributes is undefined../misc/jquery.js?v=1.4.4 Line 56
This is line 56:
b.specified?b.value:Va.test(a.nodeName)||Wa.test(a.nodeName)&&a.href?0:B;return a[b]}if(!c.support.style&&e&&b==="style"){if(f)a.style.cssText=""+d;return a.style.cssText}f&&a.setAttribute(b,""+d);if(!a.attributes[b]&&a.hasAttribute&&!a.hasAttribute(b))return B;a=!c.support.hrefNormalized&&e&&h?a.getAttribute(b,2):a.getAttribute(b);return a===null?B:a}});var X=/\.(.*)$/,ia=/^(?:textarea|input|select)$/i,La=/\./g,Ma=/ /g,Xa=/[^\w\s.|`]/g,Ya=function(a){return a.replace(Xa,"\\$&")},ua={focusin:0,focusout:0};

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Turns out to be an issue with Navbar.
Updated to 7.x-1.4 and this went away.